Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tuesdays with Dorie

Ok, so a little disappointing, but I cannot seem to get my camera to work with my new lap top to download pictures for my first TWD baking. Today's recipe was the Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes. YUM!! The recipe was very straight forward, the house smells wonderfully chocolatey. I am going to decorate them for Halloween and take them to Jakob's school on Thursday. I made up some cream cheese frosting - since it does go with everything and there will soon be many mummies in my kitchen! I think I am really going to enjoy participating in Tuesdays with Dorie. I always have all kinds of baking ideas going around my head and I think that having someone else make the decision for me once a week is going to be a relief. Silly eh?

Anyway... Next week I promise to have figured out how to get the pictures to work on my new laptop - not really sure why it wouldn't read my card. hmmmmm....

Watch for more recipes from TWD, every tuesday!! Thanks for letting me participate!

Love Big, Bake Often

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fixation Friday

Ok, So I am actually "stealing" this idea from another blogger (AbbySweets.blogspot.com). My fixation when it comes to food has always been chocolate. Any kind of chocolate. I love it. In all it's glorious forms. So I have decided that every Friday I will either bake with chocolate, or try a new chocolate treat. Sounds yummy, eh? Today I baked some old fashioned Toll House Cookies. I had a playdate with some friends and little T always looks for cookies when she sees me coming, and I hate to disappoint her. My time was a bit limited this morning, therefore I went with an old standby recipe - the one on the back of the bag of chocolate chips! Lame, I know, but I didn't have the time to look up anything else, and I had a half bag of milk chocolate chips left over. I am also going to try to find better chocolate ingredients. I brought a tin of really yummy cocoa home with me from Toronto, and I would like to find some more. I could always order it online, but I love to touch and ponder before I purchase. I love to smell things before I purchase them, even if it's a perfectly wrapped chocolate bar and there is no way I can actually physically smell it. I like to thnk I can. It makes me happy.
So tune in on Fridays for Fun, Fabulous, Fragrant, Phenomenal Fixations.

Love Big, Bake Often

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm Back!

It has been a very long time, but I am back online and anxious to get going. Stay tuned for more recipes and life tidbits as the days go by. Lots to report - lots of recipes tried and lots more to try.
Thanks for your patience!

Love big, Bake often